A Little Longer

It was supposed to be yesterday. The box of disks should have been delivered to the reception desk. I was flying out in the evening and wanted to have CDs with me. Also, we’ve got a small window of opportunity to get disks distributed to community radio stations by AMRAP. A really small window.

At around 3pm Leanne suggested that I check with the company. It took until 4pm to get the news: no delivery today, even though I had been assured that it would definitely happen. I threw my head back and yelled. Dammit!

So I’m now away from home sans disks. But Leanne stayed behind, electing to take on the company and get the disks delivered to somewhere nearer home. I should point out that if you could choose someone to negotiate with, you would choose me … because I’m a bit of a softie. Leanne is also very nice, but only until you fail to deliver. Then she will still seem nice as she ensures that you pay for your failure. Evisceration may be the cost of failure to respond adequately.

Of course she’s not quite that mean, but I got a message from her this afternoon saying that she was expecting to have the box of disks delivered to our post office this afternoon. I suspect she’ll have a well-earned sense of satisfaction when the box arrives. For me, I’ll just be grateful to her for making it happen. Again, an example of the value of relying on others when my many skills fail to win the day.

When I know we’ve got the disks I’ll open the site up to start selling.

On another note, I messaged Mark Monnone today, offering him dinner if he’ll tell me his touring secrets. It seems like every other month he’s off touring somewhere as Monnone Alone, and I just have no idea how he does it. I hope to learn something useful, benefiting from the experience of someone else.

The motto: even for a solo player, it’s a team effort.

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