At Last

Yes, it has finally happened: my wife phoned to say that the CDs have arrived. Sadly the couriers had misused the box sufficiently to break those fragile little plastic tabs that hold the discs in the case. Fortunately it was only a box of 100 disks that arrived – the rest are sitting safely with the company awaiting pickup. We’ll have to replace the cases on this first lot, which is frustrating. But we can send one off to the organisation that does distribution to community radio stations; now we’re unsure that they’ll accept the disk – we’re possibly too close to the deadline to be included in the last mailout of the year. Still, we’ve reached a milestone and I’m satisfied that we can start selling. I’ll set up the transaction on this site (replacing the ‘coming soon’ item in the right-hand column) and then starting talking it up. I’ll post here again when it’s ready to go, then it’ll be time to tell your friends!

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