Coming Together

We’ve been busy over the last week, since we started selling the album for real. Suddenly part of our house has turned into a fulfilment centre and my wife has been applying her rather significant smarts to the challenge of getting a bunch of disks mailed out to my extended family and a few collaborators. The real sales and marketing push hasn’t occurred yet, which is good because we’re still fine-tuning our processes. I had worked out the costings for everything to the last cent, but I hadn’t counted on Miss Lee’s canny thinking. She discovered that Australia Post gives around 60% discount off the padded bags we use – when you buy ’em in lots of 100. That tweaks the bottom line very nicely. Clearly we’re not in this to become millionaires, but it would be very nice to not lose cash on the deal, and it looks like we’ll achieve that outcome.

Meanwhile I’ve been thinking through what the launch at Rocky Passes might be like. It’ll run from 12:30 until 2:30pm on the day, and I don’t want to disappoint. My idea is that I’ll recap the Adam Dennis story in words and music, throwing in some examples of songs good and bad from all of the last 35 years. Where possible I’ll get collaborators on board, but it’s always a challenge to get people up to the country, especially as we get closer to Christmas. The very exciting news today (aside from installing my event widget to the left of this copy, that is) was that Josh and Joel Meadows, who I helped out during the Sugargliders days and collaborated with on The Steinbecks Mark I, will be joining us at the launch to play some of their material and join me on some songs that underpinned a significant part of my life. I am really stoked about this, and it’s going to make a fun day even better.

Don’t forget to RSVP if you’re coming (via the widget at left), and of course … buy the album!

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  • YP

    Had your new album delivered to my little bungalow off the beaten track a while ago – thanks a lot! Have had listens, of course – it’s such a gem of gentle acoustic beauty, a.d. The well-taken-care-of sound quality just enhances all those catchy melody lines brought forward by your mellow-as-ever vocals with a hint of melancholy, which are in turn wonderfully backed up by your guitar play of ease. Though all the tracks are fine works, my particular faves are Fever Dream, Milk, Rise Up and 34 Summers. Now, there’s no way I could join the launch Down Under – wish you all the best on the very day and do look forward to your other album, which is said to be scheduled for Q2 this year, ha ha – no hurries, take your time and bless our ears with another set of offerings of your musical talent. Cheers from UK