A couple of items of good news. First, I arranged the final payment for the CDs. While I was chatting to David the CD guy I emphasised the need to get the discs on Wednesday; I’d hate to travel north empty-handed. He devised a cunning plan to ensure certainty; pack and deliver only as many as I need this week, then send the balance along later. Excellent! So I’ll definitely have a bunch in my suitcase when I board the plane.

The second item of news, deserving of its own paragraph, is that we’re going to hold a launch event! I can’t share the exact times with you yet, but on Sunday 27 November (about six weeks hence) a delightful afternoon will be enjoyed by all who attend Rocky Passes Estate, a winery in Highlands Road, Whiteheads Creek. Candy and Vitto not only make some of the most delightful red wines to have passed my lips, they have a picturesque cellar door area that’s especially good for outdoor entertaining, weather permitting. The winery is easy to find, too – it’s just ten minutes drive from Seymour.

I’ll keep you updated as we work out the times and maybe even a few special guest players. I think I still have friends in the music community; we shall see!

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