Getting Organised

Phew! We’ve got all 500 CDs now, sitting in our mini fulfilment centre. Sales have started to roll in, albeit relatively slowly because I haven’t really started promotions yet. We’re incredibly organised, however. It took a few days, but we’re now able to send out the packages the day after they’re ordered. This level of quasi-military precision is of course down to Miss Lee, who appears to be relishing the chance to do this right. The last release was in 2001 (The Hallelujah Mine), and we didn’t utilise the Web successfully at all. Times change, now we have WordPress and PayPal, not to mention Australia Post who seem to be helping our project along quite nicely – especially the kind folk down at Yea Post Office.

Once all that’s bedded down I’m going to extend the online sales to our remaining stocks of Jordans albums. It’s been a while since they were officially on sale; they’re currently stored under our staircase, doing no-one any good at all.

I’ve got the album on my iPad and iPod of course, and it’s nice to see that uploading all the song titles and other juicy details to Gracenote was worthwhile: when you put the CD in your laptop’s drive, all the information is successfully retrieved. Ahh, the new world.

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