Now On Sale

Yes, it has finally happened: you can buy the album. Look at the ‘Heads Up’ section to the right, or visit the Releases page. As promised, it’ll cost you a mere $16.00 (in Australian money) for fifteen tracks. That’s a smidgen over a dollar a track, folks – and that includes delivery. Value! Suz Bunker wins the coveted “I bought it first” award – I’m indebted to her for testing my super-simple cart and payment system. What else can I say? Buy it, buy it now!

Tonight I also went out on a limb and committed some budget to Facebook advertising. Those of you who are too cool for school probably just turned your noses up, but I don’t care; I think Facebook ads are easy to target at people who actually like music (quelle horreur!), and moreover it’s easy to manage my budget so that my manager (currently lying to my left, fast asleep) doesn’t have to pour cement around my feet and dump me in the bay for financial excess. I’ll report back on the effectiveness of the advertising gambit.

Meanwhile, arrangements for the official launch event are being refined. The date, dear reader, is 27 November. The time is 12:30pm, and the place is Rocky Passes Estate, just outside Seymour. Diary entries, everyone!

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