The last couple of weeks have largely been occupied by work when by rights I should be doing nothing but rehearsing. To be fair, we also did a 36 hour, 2200km road trip for a family Christmas gathering. And I spent a night in Castlemaine with Steinbecks luminaries Josh and Joel, rehearsing our collaboration songs for the launch. But otherwise, it’s all been work. Well, work and sleeping…

The reason I really need to rehearse is that I’m going to be playing songs from my entire ‘career’ (note the ironic quotation marks), which entails some re-learning of ancient works. And a good number of the songs on the new album haven’t been played live before; in fact it’s a challenge to work out how to play them on a single acoustic and still capture the intent of the song. Also, I’m going to be telling the story of my 35 musical years, and I’ve got to do a lot of work on trying to remember what that story is. No, there’s no drug-induced memory loss, it’s just that I generally don’t do a very good job of organising my own history in my mind. The benefit of that is that if someone catches me out on a tall story I can safely say I mis-remembered it.

We’ve been selling some CDs. but I feel I need to do more promotion. Some promotion, maybe! There’s going to be an article and photo in the local paper, maybe this week. That’ll help. And we did circulate disks to community radio stations around Australia. But I haven’t sent any copies for review yet … partly because I want to wait until the album shows up on iTunes. That should happen in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, I’ll be writing my set list and rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing.

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