A Day with Family

I’m pleased that it’s become acceptable within my extended family to call up and say “bring your guitar with you” when I’m attending a family event. My sporty family has done me proud with their support and appreciation in the wake of the album’s launch. Not only did my uncle and aunt attend the launch, but they really seemed to enjoy themselves and were happy to hear more at the family Christmas event. Yesterday we made the big drive south to visit some cousins, a trip that was made well worth it by the opportunity to re-connect with my oldest cousin who lives just outside Perth. We’ve seen each other only fleetingly over the decades since we were kids, so it was wonderful to catch up. I even sang a few songs for the assembled family and friends, a raucous bunch who astonished me by being silent and attentive when called for by the song. That’s a rare pleasure for a solo performer used to the rough-and-tumble of pub gigs; when you’re up there with your acoustic guitar and mic through a couple of thousand watts of public address system, often you still can’t beat the conversation and the clinking glasses. Thus I was thrilled to play Don’t Follow Me Now with all the sensitivity it requires, aware of the eyes that saw and the ears that heard it all.

Families can be a pain in the arse sometimes, but you’ve gotta love ’em, right?

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