A Demo Worth Sharing

This happens to me all the time: I’m insanely busy, working to a deadline that can’t be broken. Working late, getting up early, you know the ritual. Then I notice a song bouncing around the inside of my head. I try to ignore it (okay, not so very hard) but eventually I have to arise, grab my guitar, and start the process of fidgeting around until I’ve successfully extracted the thing from my brain. It’s not unlike trying to remove a deeply-embedded splinter. Even the relief and pleasure when it’s all over is the same!

In coming months I’ll be doing very rough demos of new songs and sharing them with you. Is that a smart thing to do commercially? Actually, yes. Research by anyone other than the moneygrubbing RIAA (don’t get me started!) shows that people are more likely to buy an album if they’ve had the opportunity to listen free to bits and pieces along the way.

I’ve also got a fairly extensive folder of songs that will never make it to an album. They’re too odd or too awkward or remind me of something else, so they don’t make the grade. So I’ll dig through and share one of my oddities every now and then, too.

Okay, the first demo is called No Anodyne, and I recorded it this morning into the mic of my iPad. Yes, Virginia, that does mean that it’s not sparkly studio quality. It’s going to fit nicely into the next album, Small Things @ LightSpeed. Although you’ve got to get more of your friends ordering F-35¬†first, right? Get cracking!

Pop over to the LISTEN page to get your free song. And if you like it, Like it – that’s payment enough for me.

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