New Technology

It’s odd that, for a professional IT consultant, my old laptop was circa 2004. The poor old thing started its life as a 17″ Windows XP machine, but after about a year that operating system was bogged down and slow. I moved over to a Linux variant and progressed through many versions of that open source platform. It was okay, it got the job done, but was almost totally useless in the realms of audio recording.

Enter my new machine, a MacBook Pro. It complements my trusty iPad, gets the job done in style with speed far beyond my previous experience, and lets me run Windows apps courtesy of the wonderful Parallels virtualisation software. Moreover, Garageband gives me the best recording environment I’ve ever had on a computer by a long, long margin. I’m still getting used to that! Conveniently, I have a stereo USB interface that lets me plug in a couple of phantom-powered mics from my collection, or even an electric guitar. Garageband has built-in amplifier virtualisation and effects, so I’m sacrificing nothing by plugging in directly – and I could run a line from my amp anyway if I wanted.

I’m going to have to rethink my recording process. That’s not a bad thing! I reckon I need to find a slightly more advanced USB interface – one that allows me to run four independent channels simultaneously. That’ll give me enough channels to record my drumkit reasonably well – I don’t have any great demands.

It’s an exciting time. Let’s see what emerges.


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