The Need to Roam

I feel the need to roam. This is a little bit about needing a holiday, but much more about needing to find myself in places that aren’t here, where the horizons are unfamiliar. The rhythms of life will be different for a month – we’ll be travelling by train, then picking up a mobile home to crawl the byways in. It’s our first time visiting some of the more remote parts of Australia, and that’s exciting too. I’m taking my acoustic guitar for the trip – which will at times be a bit of a pain because it’s rather large when you’re trying to travel light – and I hope there’ll be times when I’ve nothing to do but sit in a chair, eyes on the horizon, fingers on the fretboard. I’ll have some technology with me, so I might even record some very rough bits and pieces and post them here. Keep an eye out!

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