Computer recording solution

After much thought, I reckon I’ve decided on the hardware for my computer-based recording solution. My device of choice is an M-Audio Profire 2626. Even the name sounds cool, no? It’s a Firewire 800 interface, which works natively with my beloved Macbook Pro. It has eight XLR inputs with phantom power, eight balanced 1/4″  inputs, two instrument line-ins. Two headphone outputs, MIDI I/O … and a whole lot of funky features and expandability besides.

Perhaps more exciting than all of that is that this unit isn’t new tech. It’s been on the market plenty long enough that I can pick it up for a very very reasonable price. Not doing that immediately because cashflow is dodgy and home renovations take first priority just now, but when the time comes I’ll sell off my rack-mounted dedicated studio gear for whatever I can get and that should be way more than enough to cover the Firewire unit, some new cables, maybe dedicated active monitors, headphones. The result of all that would be an excellent studio setup that I can put on the passenger seat and drive to wherever at the drop of a hat. ‘Wherever’ might be Shane’s house, for example. He’s joining me in a short gig in a couple of weeks, so I’m hopeful he’ll collaborate a bit in future – especially if I can bring the studio to him. He’s got lovely family responsibilities that prevent him from travelling to my place and hanging out at length to record, so it’d be great to make it convenient for him.

Damn, but talking about new equipment gets me going.

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