My new Babe

Martinez Babe TravellerFor our big trip I needed a guitar that I wouldn’t have to worry about. Also, a guitar that didn’t take up too much space and was easily luggable. My beloved dreadnought acoustic is a monster in its hard moulded-ABS case, so that was out of the question. The solution came in the person of my cheap and very cute Martinez Babe Traveller, purchased from the good people at MelMusic. At $169 in my hands (plus $24.95 for an excellent gig bag) it was set up nicely and ready to play. The sound is surprisingly clean and balanced for something that’s only 8cm thick. The body is all mahogany – laminate of course, so the Babe won’t have a really long life – and the neck is also mahogany, with rosewood fretboard. The build quality and feel are both good (and especially so for the price) although I feel there’s a little inaccuracy in the placement of the 12th fret. I figure it should all be computer-cut though, so maybe it’s just me.

My initial plan was to buy a travel guitar and then sell it on my return. While I was away I got pretty attached to the Babe however, and I think it’ll find itself in the boot of the car whenever we travel from here on. I also suspect it’s going to become part of my recording arsenal, an excellent strumming pad that can sit down at the back of the mix to fill out the sound without dominating it. I love my Babe!

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