What I’m working on

Having released my latest song into the wild (see the previous post), I was writing a quick note to Josh and found myself thinking aloud about what I’m up to. It’s worth sharing, so here it is:

I’ve decided – very belatedly! – to restart the recording process for Small Things @ LightSpeed. It’s now an “Adam Dennis” album instead of a “The Jordans” one. That does make a bit of a difference. I’ve collected the works-in-progress and demos for the album, put them on the iPod as a demo album. 18 tracks all up. Not to imply that I’ll put all of those on the album, but I will record them all and see what happens. I seem to have a few albums under development at the moment: aside from ST@LS, there’s The Unlived Life, which involves a very different songwriting and recording process, and there’s View From Fifty – which is the album that Winter In The Summertime (that new track) will end up on. I can see that a few of the tracks from ST@LS might end up on VFF instead, which would allow me to differentiate VFF thematically.

Although I don’t do concept albums, I do like to have in my head that the album is about something. Katydid was about cars, sand and girls. Hallelujah Mine was a linear progression from the darkness to the light. F-35 was reflecting on relationships. ST@LS is about the tiny things that surround us and define our world even though we don’t see them and they can’t comprehend our hearts. The Unlived Life is a series of stories about things that didn’t happen – or maybe they happened to another person in a parallel universe. View From Fifty wrestles with being nominally older but actually wiser and younger at heart. There’s also the idea of a helicopter view, seeing the big picture, the view from the fiftieth floor.

There you go. I still have a separate website for The Jordans, but I’m going to kill it and move all the content over here. Those Jordans albums should make their way into the right column of this site, and thus for sale. Yes, I still have copies in the bookshelf upstairs. More has changed in my plans for Small Things @ LightSpeed than simply the artist name on the box; I’m in the process of changing technologies too. I’ll spend as little time as possible in ‘the studio’, opting for a far greater portability. Any room in the house can be a studio with the addition of just a mic and a few cables. It’s a great time to be creating new music.

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