Going Corporate

Last month and this month I had a couple of firsts: I did two corporate gigs. Although I’ve done that sort of show with bands in the past, it’s always been with seven or eight other people on stage, and I wasn’t the front guy. It’s easy to survive in a group. This time it was me, just me, and my acoustic guitar. Each night I played two sets of my own songs, nearly two hours’ worth, while a big roomful of people ate their dinners, drank their wine and chatted. The venues were ‘resorts’, i.e. big hotel-y kinda places that could host multiple conferences. I got a lovely hotel room, I was fed and watered. Felt very confident of my material, especially as I arrived hours before the gig and could just sit in my room and run through the material.

For the actual gig I dressed formally: black suit, white shirt, silver tie. It was intended a little ironically, but when it came down to it I felt like I was being respectful. I was being paid quite nicely, after all.

With a dedicated sound guy ensuring I could be heard enough but not too much, with a crowd enjoying themselves in front of me, with no responsibility to do more than offer some entertainment that people could enjoy … I felt like I was in my element. Had a great time, did a good job.

Would I do it again? Hell yeah. It was that good.

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