You’re So Mean

Again I was assailed by a song idea that wouldn’t leave me in peace. I’d find myself singing this song at my desk, in the car and in the supermarket. Fun, but frustrating. So I had to make it real, make it something I could listen to on the stereo. That reduces its potency in […]


I’ve been writing songs for 36 years or so, seriously for more than 30 years. Those first few years were more about emulating and wannabe-ing … which is not at all a bad way to start. You’d think though, that once I got the knack (no, that’s not a reference to the 70’s power-pop group) […]

What I’m working on

Having released my latest song into the wild (see the previous post), I was writing a quick note to Josh and found myself thinking aloud about what I’m up to. It’s worth sharing, so here it is:

I’ve decided – very belatedly! – to restart the recording process for Small Things @ LightSpeed. It’s now […]

While the Iron is Hot

Yesterday I left work at 4:30, eager to get home after two eventful days in Melbourne. I’d been rained on multiple times, had countless conversations, sent many emails, got my artwork finalised … I was tired and wanted to go to bed, as the song says.

It was blowing a gale as I left work, […]


As I write this I’m sitting on a speeding commuter train, heading home; I do this every weekday. No trivial trip to the suburbs, it’s part of the five hours minimum I spend traveling between arising from my bed and returning to it. It starts with a 30 minute headlong dash along twisty mountain roads […]