Now On Sale

Yes, it has finally happened: you can buy the album. Look at the ‘Heads Up’ section to the right, or visit the Releases page. As promised, it’ll cost you a mere $16.00 (in Australian money) for fifteen tracks. That’s a smidgen over a dollar a track, folks – and that includes delivery. Value! Suz Bunker […]

Getting Ready

A few updates: I heard yesterday that the CDs will be delivered Wednesday afternoon. Phew! Okay, so now some things have to swing into action. I’m flying north early that evening, so my wife is driving to Melbourne to pick me and the box of discs up. I’ll get taken to the airport, the discs […]


It was only Sunday night that I finished the artwork for the album. Started the artwork for the album, actually. It was 3:30am by the time I finished, and then my alarm went off at 5am. Even so, when I got into the office I had to beg assistance from Dan the all-weather finished-art man […]

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