It was only Sunday night that I finished the artwork for the album. Started the artwork for the album, actually. It was 3:30am by the time I finished, and then my alarm went off at 5am. Even so, when I got into the office I had to beg assistance from Dan the all-weather finished-art man […]


As I write this I’m sitting on a speeding commuter train, heading home; I do this every weekday. No trivial trip to the suburbs, it’s part of the five hours minimum I spend traveling between arising from my bed and returning to it. It starts with a 30 minute headlong dash along twisty mountain roads […]

The Waiting

Yesterday I finished the task of making the album. The milestone moment was when I sat in the visitors’ chair at Replicat and handed over the audio disk and artwork to Scott. Money changed hands, a contract was signed and it was all done. All that’s left for me is to wait.

Well, maybe not […]