Going Corporate

Last month and this month I had a couple of firsts: I did two corporate gigs. Although I’ve done that sort of show with bands in the past, it’s always been with seven or eight other people on stage, and I wasn’t the front guy. It’s easy to survive in a group. This time it […]

The American Accent Thing

I am easily annoyed. I think anyone who knows me personally is aware of at least one thing that totally bugs me. Very near the top of that long list is non-Americans singing with an American accent. Ever since I was about five years old, idly singing “she loves you yeah yeah yeah” in my […]

Coming Together

We’ve been busy over the last week, since we started selling the album for real. Suddenly part of our house has turned into a fulfilment centre and my wife has been applying her rather significant smarts to the challenge of getting a bunch of disks mailed out to my extended family and a few collaborators. […]


A couple of items of good news. First, I arranged the final payment for the CDs. While I was chatting to David the CD guy I emphasised the need to get the discs on Wednesday; I’d hate to travel north empty-handed. He devised a cunning plan to ensure certainty; pack and deliver only as many […]