You’re So Mean

Again I was assailed by a song idea that wouldn’t leave me in peace. I’d find myself singing this song at my desk, in the car and in the supermarket. Fun, but frustrating. So I had to make it real, make it something I could listen to on the stereo. That reduces its potency in […]

Bitter July

On the last day of July I wrote an email to a Sydney friend noting that July had been bitter at my home in the mountains. I did also talk about good things that had occurred, and the fact that I’d actually enjoyed being warm in my home office while it was cold and miserable […]

What I’m working on

Having released my latest song into the wild (see the previous post), I was writing a quick note to Josh and found myself thinking aloud about what I’m up to. It’s worth sharing, so here it is:

I’ve decided – very belatedly! – to restart the recording process for Small Things @ LightSpeed. It’s now […]

A recording experiment

I certainly won’t have the ready cash to splash out on a proper digital recording interface this side of Christmas, but I’m keen to start down that road. My cupboards aren’t bare of equipment, and I was happy to pull a couple of useful items off a shelf. Had a new song in hand that […]

Now On Sale

Yes, it has finally happened: you can buy the album. Look at the ‘Heads Up’ section to the right, or visit the Releases page. As promised, it’ll cost you a mere $16.00 (in Australian money) for fifteen tracks. That’s a smidgen over a dollar a track, folks – and that includes delivery. Value! Suz Bunker […]