At Last

Yes, it has finally happened: my wife phoned to say that the CDs have arrived. Sadly the couriers had misused the box sufficiently to break those fragile little plastic tabs that hold the discs in the case. Fortunately it was only a box of 100 disks that arrived – the rest are sitting safely with […]

More Waiting

When I ordered the CDs, the documentation said it’d be seven to ten days. Then there were a couple of days of extra stuffing around with artwork (although I’m pretty sure that the two days of proofing would’ve been included in the timeframe). The artwork was resolved last Thursday, so it might’ve been reasonable to […]

Can’t Do It Alone

Having stayed in the city overnight due to foul weather, I had the uplifting experience of walking over a kilometre to work in the rain this morning. Uplifting because I was surrounded by other commuters swathed in plastic or waterproof devices, while I blithely walked on, my life uncluttered by such accoutrements. It was fun, […]

The Waiting

Yesterday I finished the task of making the album. The milestone moment was when I sat in the visitors’ chair at Replicat and handed over the audio disk and artwork to Scott. Money changed hands, a contract was signed and it was all done. All that’s left for me is to wait.

Well, maybe not […]