A Day with Family

I’m pleased that it’s become acceptable within my extended family to call up and say “bring your guitar with you” when I’m attending a family event. My sporty family has done me proud with their support and appreciation in the wake of the album’s launch. Not only did my uncle and aunt attend the launch, […]

The Launch

I’m writing this a bit after the fact, but that’s probably a good thing. The launch day at Rocky Passes Estate, some 25km from my house, went brilliantly. The weather was touch-and-go; it’d been crappy for days and was black and threatening in the morning of the launch. I’d been incredibly busy with work for […]


The last couple of weeks have largely been occupied by work when by rights I should be doing nothing but rehearsing. To be fair, we also did a 36 hour, 2200km road trip for a family Christmas gathering. And I spent a night in Castlemaine with Steinbecks luminaries Josh and Joel, rehearsing our collaboration songs […]


I just discovered a really interesting site. It’s called Discogs, and it contains discographies. The weird thing is that I’ve got my own page. Divided into Vocals, Instruments & Performance, Writing & Production, and Production. It’s got a remarkable number of entries, but neither of The Jordans’ albums, and unsurprisingly not the new album either. […]

Getting Organised

Phew! We’ve got all 500 CDs now, sitting in our mini fulfilment centre. Sales have started to roll in, albeit relatively slowly because I haven’t really started promotions yet. We’re incredibly organised, however. It took a few days, but we’re now able to send out the packages the day after they’re ordered. This level of […]