Cats in Boxes

Cats In Boxes 1985 (promo shot, Brighton Beach)

Cats In Boxes 1985

Found a cassette in my collection, dated 1984. Side 1 had a set of six songs mixed in the November, a little weak and weird-sounding. Side 2 showed that by the end of December all the vocals had been re-recorded and, in at least one case, rewritten. Much better!

But cassette tape doesn’t last all that well. I have a little unit that connects to my laptop via USB, but the quality boost isn’t enough to make a significant difference. There was hum and buzz all over the shop, the music wasn’t all that loud, and the guitar was mostly in the left channel while everything else was mostly on the right. The miracles of modern science have been brought to bear on the problem however, and I think the result is better than we ever heard it in 1984. Take that, three decades!

Please right-click the track names and select your browser’s equivalent of “Save Link As”. Install them on your music player, then enjoy. Or don’t, whatever. I’ve already done “reel back in horror“, so you don’t need to.


I found some more tapes. One was a demo of two other songs. Interesting to listen to because although the sound quality wasn’t as good, the songs were more coherent. I think they were collaborative – I suspect that Thierry and I probably came up with the music basis and Annebelle added the vocal melody and lyrics. I found myself enjoying them, actually appreciating the energy and ideas.

Finally, I found part of a 3RRR live to air we did. Only two complete songs and the audio isn’t up to scratch but … there’s a real commitment there. I have only the vaguest memory of the event, but I don’t think we felt that confident going in. The two songs are really energetic, and it’s great to compare the live version of Turn Around with the earlier demo. My backing vocals are, frankly, ill-advised but they don’t detract too much. The last song, “Cats” … well, you should listen to it once. It sounds like we had about five interesting ideas and we decided to put them all in one song! Maybe we conceived of it as a theme song, I don’t know…


At Annebelle’s request, I searched through my piles’o’stuff and found six glossy 8x10s from a final-lineup photoshoot. Looks like it was at Brighton Beach. I’ve scanned ’em and cleaned them up as best I can. Not too bad, but … a couple are inexplicable, as is the way of band photos. Click to view large, right-click to download.

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