My Family

Take a look around
Those people filling the house with sound
That’s family
Yeah, that’s your family

We don’t look the same – as each other
So many sisters, fathers mothers and brothers
It’s all family
An extended hybrid of family

Who turns their cheek when you let off steam
Then tries to stop you from going to extremes
That’s your family … you should probably thank them

Together once a year … if it’s a good year
There’s / sporting stories, and if the TV’s on someone will cheer
That’s family
Sometimes it sounds more like a cricket team

And the kids go from toddlers to high school in just one year
One year they’re drinking cordial, next time it is beer
Who’ll pick you up when you fall down on-your-knees
Who’ll tell the truth when you say “does my arse look big in these?”
for better or worse
it’s Family
Yeah, that’s my family

It’s time for swapping gifts … my wife gets better ones than me
There’s been some great ones over the years … like when GG got a slab of VB
That’s family
Acting unpredictably

Who has so many offspring you don’t know whose is whose?
And then you get it wrong when somebody makes you choose?
Who are the people you’ve got to forgive of everything?
I seem to remember that one of you told me I couldn’t sing …
I think you know who you are …

You’re family
And we’re sorry we’re not there
And we’re sorry we’re not there today
With the family

Love Comes To Ground

look deep inside
tell me if you have a heart
hear with your blood
my words will make their mark

love comes to ground once in a lifetime,
it won’t come down if it sees you

fall into earth in the arms of another man,
I’m learning love in reverse
don’t you tell me you forgot the plan

some father’s girl has hit the pavement
in any fairer world I would say so long
but I’m coming down to say

forgive all my sins I believe I led you down this road
honesty still wins, and it’s me that carries every load

love comes to ground once in a lifetime,
I will lie down just to keep from falling
my love comes to ground once in a lifetime
I hear that sound and I think of you


it’s subtle but it’s there
her gesture shows her feelings
the perfume from her hair
as she goes by me
sends me reeling

no one but me
no one but me
no one but me
knows she cares

she hasn’t said a word
doesn’t look at me
but it’s just the two of us
I know that I’m preferred
over anyone else on this bus

no one but me
no one but me
no one but me
knows she cares

and we’re not gonna live like everyone else here
down with deadlines and duress
we’ll move right away and breathe the clean air
I’ll know her care and her caress
but how it starts is anyone’s guess

no one but me
no one but me
no one but me
knows she cares

it’s seven twenty five
she’ll alight soon and disappear from view
but I’ll be fine
I can wait for her when the day is through

since the factory closed
I’ve been riding all day every day
wonder if she knows
imagine what she thinks of me, what she might say

no one but me
no one but me
no one but me
knows she cares


I’m alone in this world
and the trains will stop and the buildings will fall down
and this town will go to sleep
so the only soul who walks the streets will be me

I cannot say what I have done
for the people ’round here to shun me
the cars drive around me all the time
I stand alone under a sign of things to come
nobody sees me
and I wonder if they’re buying what’s for sale
what’s advertised

I’m nobody

and the wind in her hair
sends it flowing out way behind her
she’s driving through the clouds in a little red car

I cannot say where she has been
it’s up to her to tell that story
but I wonder if she knows that I exist
that I’m alive…

I’m nobody