I Was in the Circus
This was a Sunday afternoon challenge to myself. Starting from a blank sheet of paper, write a song, video it and upload it to YouTube … before I could have a cup of coffee. Strong motivator, that.

Adam at Cheviot Tunnel
Here’s the original photo that I doctored unashamedly for the album cover. This was taken by photographic artist Jillian Russell. Jillian is a friend of mine and attended one of my community singing sessions at the Cheviot railway tunnel outside of Yea, Victoria. Jillian’s most recent exhibition was “Family Anatomy” at 69 Smith Street gallery in Fitzroy, Victoria.

Adam Dennis Self-portrait
In the Internet world, everyone needs an image that defines them, is their avatar on various websites. This is often mine. Our house is two-storey, and one day I stopped halfway up the stairs, rested the camera on the upstairs floor and set it for a five second delay. This was the result.